Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to playing so well ?

         How to playing so well ?
          For my views.the basic things is the player must have basic essence.for example, accuracy for note,perception for music.some childen can not discriminate the correct note and don't have any feeling when he/she hear a good music.i think this is very bad for study music .Eecouse teacher can not replace student to feeling and listening as ears and heart .So he/she can playing the instrument but cannot playing so well in the future.On the other hand,having a good teacher is very important for a stdent grown up in his music-way.
I think the good teacher not only can tell the student how to solve promblem accurately .but also can find the student 's dominant and make the most of the advantage.Good music teacher always use  appropriate way to teach diffrent student.
        So if the student has  basic essence and a good teacher. it is means he/she have the  prerequisite for become a good performer.Remaining thing is about themselves :how to practising and learning efficiently.   
         For my experience. Music is not easy.diffrent period and diffrent composer have different style.Playing music is like to express something the composer want to express. So before i start to play a piece . i will serch Some information about the piece.For example the composer's life and background. what time  the composer finished te piece and have any special reasons so that the composer creat the piece .......it is a good habit for musician.  i have saw some student play the morzart like beethoven .Morzart's music always bright but beethoven's music is dignified and deep. this is a fundamental errors,becouse this kind of composer like morzart,beethoven is very famous.almost musician knows the basic slyle.but when the composer or work is not famous.if the player don't have the habit.I think it is very dangerous.
    The second is about practise effectively. When player be sure piece style and begin to practise.Then he/she need to mind  the details as possbile as he/she can .the tempo ,speed ,dynamic marks in the score. Teacher will teach you something  didn't marked in the score,for example trend of music, music sentence division .and other pure skill for express music .at last , Make sure enough practise time still important ,I think 4 hours every day is basicly.Something also need to mind.if the mood  or state is bad.i think change the practise tieme is bertter choice.Bad mood and state will  reduce practice efficient..we can recording ourselvies like the teacher to check somewhere our playing is  not good so that we can fix its on time.